Saturday, October 17, 2009

Second Day in Taiwan (Part 2)

After our tour of The Grand Hotel, we finally got to meet and greet Cara and the members of the Chung Yi orphanage.

We arrived at the orphanage at 2 pm. It was such a busy morning that our driver Mr. Yeh took us directly to Chung Yi. However, we did not bring our donations, since we thought we were going back to the hotel prior to our Chung Yi appointment. So, Mr. Yeh took Yvette back to the hotel, and I stayed to meet the Chung Yi workers.

The woman who greeted me was Elsa Lin, who is a social worker and overseeing our adoption of Cara. She was very polite and friendly and made us completely feel at ease, as it was an emotional experience. While I waited for Yvette, I met the other caregivers and social workers who work with Cara. I got to ask a bunch of questions about Cara, her behaviors, her history and any information that we needed to be aware of. They brought Cara in so I could interact with her. They also taught me some tricks on how to get her attention and went over some words that she knows.

About 40 minutes later, Yvette arrived with our donations for Chung Yi. We then had our official meeting. We went over a bunch of paperwork, and received a bunch of gifts from Chung Yi. They gave us two diaper bags, formula, a bunch of diapers, medication for her cold and some rice crackers. They also gave us a wonderful scrapbook of photos of Cara from her time at Chung Yi and a medical history book. We were also so happy that Chung Yi gave us a stamp with Cara's Chinese name, Shu-Jhen Ciou.

The social workers were also happy with our donations, which made us feel thankful. We know that the items we brought will benefit Chung Yi and the children there.

We are so thankful and appreciative of the caregivers and social workers at Chung Yi. From how they interacted with Cara, we could see how much love and kindness they have given to Cara (Shu-Jhen). We can also see through Cara all the hard work and patience that they have with her. They made us feel very comfortable and safe through this whole process.

I want to thank the following people of Chung Yi:

1. XUE, Hui-Ting

2. ZHANG, Ying-Zhi

3. CHEN, Xiang-Lan

4. LI, Bo-Xuan

5. WANG, Ruo-Han

6. LIN, Qiu-Lin

7. WANG, Zi-Yi

8. LIN, Elsa

I will always feel indebted to the caregivers and the social workers for helping us to build our family.

This online blog is a tribute to them for all their sacrifices and for their assistance in helping pairing children with loving families.

Chung Yi will always be a part of our family and within our hearts.

James Y. Kurokawa